How to remove scratches from porcelain sink?

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Question by Ian: How to remove scratches from porcelain sink?
I cleaned our bathroom sink without thinking, and I used coarse steel wool because it was working (I had tried almost everything else).

Anyway, now there are small scratches (not really visible, but a nuisance when seen) in the sink. What can I do to repair them?

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Answer by DA
If they’re not visible how can you see them?!!!

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  • aboveaveragejoe:

    Hey Ian,

    I am an associate from The Home Depot and have worked in the paint department for many years, one of the best products to remove scratches from the porcelain sink was a little item I sold frequently in my department….and still do today!

    It’s called Porc-A-Fix, it goes on with a small brush, kinda like nail polish. It comes in 2 colors, and is designed to match most porcelain sinks. Apply it and it will seek its own level in minutes, what leaves you is a nice smooth finish, just like new again!

    Be sure to test a small area first to see if its the right color and choice for you, but that is the best product I have seen out on the market. Its easy to use, works great, and dries as hard as the porcelain itself. You will be pleased with the results.

    Hope this helps,

  • Karen L:

    Are they scratches or little grey marks? Cleaning porcelain with metal stuff can leave grey marks. Try toothpaste or another very fine abrasive.

  • mtkineowood:

    try rubbing a pumice stone on it.