Quick Sink Drain Unclog

Do you have a clogged drain? YouToo Can Do host Karen Schmidt shows you how to fix a clogged vanity sink drain.
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If plunging doesn’t fix a clogged sink, you may have to use a drain snake to clear the clog. Learn how in thisfree online home improvement video, with DIY home repair tips. Expert: Greg Lim Bio: Greg Lim is a professional handyman and residential property manager. In the seven years hes been a contractor, he has fully renovated two houses.

50 Responses to “Quick Sink Drain Unclog”

  • janafortune:

    I was not happy about what came out of my drain but I am VERY happy that now it actually DRAINS the water! It was gross but it worked really well! Thank you!!

  • bermudasand:

    great video. got in done in minutes. ignore what they say about using a plunger. You also will want to clean the stopper. Get all the gunk out. Thanks.

  • dinosaurlover7:

    You are a great person!

  • AnotherSchmoe:

    THANK YOU!!! You have just saved my sanity (and sanitation too)!

    The sink in my bathroom had been slow for MONTHS, tried drain-cleaning products and nothing worked. It was FILTHY, the water stagnated and everything stuck to the sides of the sink on the way down. I’d clean it when it finally drained and it’d be back to looking like a bio-hazard cesspit in 3 days. It got so bad that some species of fly was using it as a breeding ground, YUCK! This cleared it instantly, it flows SO fast now.

  • 55ella2007k:

    I just tried this and it worked like a charm !!!! No plumber needed this time ! Thank you ! :)

  • Wingslapped:

    If this doesn’t work, try using a plumber’s snake.

  • KkF00:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this. I had a bunch of black goop clogging my drain, and i unscrewed the thing and saw it all!

  • nathanlovesadam:

    Thanks :) very helpful..

  • neatfreeek:

    bit much, do you just do these videos on your own time? you can talk normal and have a show at the same time. if you were to talk like that everyday of your life, it would be a bit much, nice video other then the weird way of talking.

  • JaySoKnown:

    Where’s the BAAM! Drain Blaster?

  • 387spiral:

    Thanks so much for posting this video!! My friend said he’d unclog my drain for me but I figured I’d be embarrassed by how gross it is. Thanks for the simple solution.

  • Madddiex013:

    You are the Paula Dean of plumbing. Thank you, your video was very helpful.

  • JabbaTheSlut:

    not any plumber get it?

  • hitchcockwannabe:

    thank you soo much this worked amazingly well i got out like a giant clump of hair an elastic that is now black and a pen ?? ahaha wth right

  • BrownSkinLady22:

    Thanks!! Great job on the vid. I did both and now my sink i draining like new :-D PLus I did it for free…no need for a plumber today!!

  • Heyitsjennyc:

    Thank you this worked perfectly! Except I didn’t have to go to the last step because there weren’t much clogged. (-:

  • OCButterfly99:

    So did this today..Thank you Also the tip to use a paint roller thing to clean up drain too. whoo hoo. I had to make sure to use needle nose pliers and also make sure I did the tightening backwards when putting back the plug. :)

  • AttractionInAction:

    Thank you : )

  • 4music65:

    I wasn’t sure how to tackle this and really appreciate such a great tip! :-) Thank You!!

  • mixwell1983:

    Then her father taught her mother well and her mother passed it on ?? haha..

  • phan94:

    wut happens if it’s her mother who taught her instead of her husband? LOL

  • mixwell1983:

    Nice to see a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty. Your husband has taught you well !!

  • BuffaloGirls1:

    Thanks so much, this was extremely helpful!

  • rustambayli:

    very good

  • atdrummin:

    Brilliant! Saved me a trip to the hardware store, and who knows how much I saved not calling a plumber!

    Thanks a HEAP!

  • funnybunnywunnies:

    For all the complaining comments, it would be more useful to provide a link to a better video or make one yourself, especially for a typical person like me who doesn’t know better and is looking to youtube for some quick video illustration.

  • smo219:

    @FANtomCore saftey? what are u a pussy?

  • SuperMichaelblake:

    you should check out speedyvalve

  • SuperMichaelblake:


  • BillG37:

    How do you know the resistance is the clog & not a crossroad to another pipe? I don’t think I reached my clog yet, and there’s a lot of resistance. I’m thinking I’m at the area where the pipe hits another pipe going east/west & I can’t get it to go the direction I want.

  • askmarc1:

    check out my video series on home repair tips

  • FANtomCore:

    this guy sucks, his directions and example are wrong and he doesn’t even mention any safety precautions.

  • heysarahdlt:

    thank you for this usefull video.

  • Zach634827:

    I’d like to loosen your nuts then stick a snake inside you. WIth a nice back and forth motion.

  • ytraortiz:

    This is the wrong way to snake a drain.
    first off the drain is hooked up to the garbage disposal wrong.
    always have a plumber snake a drain with a powerd machine . this is the one and only way to make your problem with your drain go away.
    his way only pokes a hole in the drain
    any questions give me a call 310/245-0468

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  • Sundancer213:


  • MarioRink:

    Important not to wear gloves since it is only a ,,little messy,,! I love all the kinks in his toy hand snake. Shows he knows how to use it well. If you remove the 1 1/4 totally it will be easier for the snake to enter at the PVC point. Good luck anyhow to clean a kitchen drain with a hand snake. If Mr.Homeowner spent a few hours he can call us with his greasy hands.

  • fredjberg:

    What if you are wearing safety googles and they fog up?

  • Spkslayer666:

    I have a Q wat if the clog is in the wall and the snake some times goes through but the clog is still there and it feels like it’s hard? Any answers please

  • FriendlyHomeServices:

    I agree – there is no safety equipment used in this video…Safety 1st, which doesn’t happen in this video, especially if you have used any caustic drain cleaner prior to taking the pipes apart…Thick Rubber Gloves, Long Sleeve Shirt, Safety Goggles and/or Face Shield…Be careful, people, this isn’t as easy as it looks or is made out to be in the video…Notice his trap had no water in it, either…

  • FriendlyHomeServices:

    That is what a Clean Out is for…If the stoppage is not in the p-trap, then put it all back together and use the clean out – some are under the sink but many are outside under the kitchen window – Using a Clean Out with a 1/2″ diameter cable will allow you to run water as you clear the stoppage…DO NOT put a hand snake like in the video down a clean out – it can loop up inside the 2″ pipe and then you have real troubles…Be careful, Please…

  • FriendlyHomeServices:

    The ONLY way that 1/4″ cable is going to work there is IF the clog is right at or before the vent stack. In many cases, the stoppage is further down the 2″ drain line that runs under the home, which would require using a cleanout and a 3/8″ – 5/8″ cable with the appropriate head attachment. The small hand snake in the video is better used on lavatory (hand sink) drains and tub drains. The man in the video is not an expert or a plumber, I am sad to write, so please be careful – Thank you.

  • brovin10:

    Interesting, but be careful that the information provided in this video is relevant to your Jurisdiction. Remember different parts of the world have different sink traps. Check out my channel for great tips and trick in DIY

  • Bolshoi125:

    where can I buy that snake?

  • lockoutxx:

    Thanks alot!!!! I fixed my clogged drain. I almost called a plumber but im glad i watched your video first!!!!

  • Shamborn:

    see, I had HELL of a time just trying to get the snake to bend south after sticking it into the pipe in the wall (I hit the tee, I guess?). I never would’ve been able to do it if I’d gone through the sink.

    I wish I could figure it out because it sounds like running water while you do it would be the optimum thing.

  • jtnoodle:

    But that’s just a technical point. In this particular vid, I see no reason why a 5/16″ snake couldn’t be run right down the strainer, up to 50′ or however far the mainline connection is. I’ve been doing it that way for 17 years with zero callbacks.

  • jtnoodle:

    There are a few scenarios where running the snake through the drain won’t work:
    1. The strainer is a slim slotted plastic type
    2. The disposer drain connects with the opposite side via a diverted (improperly installed) tee fitting turned on its side.
    3. Disposer only (single waste) type sink

    Technically only the trap, nipple, and santee fitting in the wall should be snaked through the drain, 5-10′ at most. Beyond that a cleanout on the outside wall, vent pipe or removal of pipes is necessary

  • Shamborn:

    never mind, I went back and saw the previous comments…